j0432962God Word – Go to the ant, …consider its ways and be wise. Proverbs 6:6

Proverbs 6


Heavenly Father,
You are a Holy and a righteous; your ways are perfect… Father you set the foundations of the earth in place and it can not be moved. You tell the sun where to rise and where to set… You tell the sun where to rise and where to set… We love you Lord… We thank you for the forgiveness of our sins. We will forgive quickly, and repent from a sincere heart.  We will go to the ant, and not be a sluggard; we will consider its ways and be wise! It has no commander, no overseer or ruler, yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest. Your daughters will not give up in doing good because in doing so we will reap a harvest of righteous.  We will not lie there, like a sluggard- Your daughters will get up from our sleep. A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest-and poverty will come on those who are lazy… We be faithful not behave like a bandit or scarcity like an armed man.  We will not behave like a scoundrel and villain, who goes about with a corrupt mouth, who winks with his eye, signals with his feet and motions with his fingers, who plots evil with deceit in his heart—  he always stirs up dissension. We will heed your word and honor your commands.  We thank you Father for filling us with your godly wisdom so that we can be equipped for every good work you call us to.  Thank for your provision and protection over us and our households.  Thank you for your answer to all our prayers.  In Jesus name we pray…Amen!
Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance,
Love in Christ,
Jennifer Pettiford

Things to Consider:
• Go to the ant and consider its ways
• Be wise
• Do not plot evil with a deceiving heart