j0289531God’s Word – “Hear my words, you wise men; listen to me, you men of learning.” Job 34:26

Proverbs  – Day 6 – Daily Life Lessons…

Heavenly Father,
We praise you for your awesome glory and presence…
In the midst of our troubles you preserve our life.  Thank
Father for you protection over us. We thank you for all your
provision and our daily bread. 
We thank you for giving us the greatest gift of love: Christ.
Thank you for your mercy, grace and forgiveness and reconciling
Us to you through Christ.  May we learn the daily lessons for life in your
Word of Truth.  If we your daughters  have put up security for a friend’s debt
 or agreed to guarantee the debt of a stranger— 
if we have trapped our self by an agreement
 and are caught by what we have said—
 we will be faithful to follow your advice and save our self,
 for if we have placed ourselves  at a friend’s mercy.
 We follow you direction and swallow our pride;
 we will go and beg to have our name erased.
 We won’t put it off; we will do it now! And not rest until we do.
 And save our self like a gazelle escaping from a hunter,
 like a bird fleeing from a net.  We will follow your ways of wisdom
And be wise with our money.   And commit all our plans including financial  to you
So we may succeed.  We ask for your continued protection over our spouses,
family,  and friends.  Thank you for your strengthening us and fill us to overflowing.
In Christ name we pray. ..Amen!

Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance,
Love in Christ,
Jennifer Pettiford