God’s Word – Say to wisdom, “You are my sister,” and call understanding your kinsman; Proverbs 7:4

Proverbs 7 – Avoid the ways of the “Adulteress”…


Heavenly Father,

Praise be to your glorious name for ever and ever; wisdom and power are yours.  You change times and seasons; you set up kings and deposes them.   Lord you give wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. You reveal deep and hidden things; you know what lies in darkness, and light dwells with you.  We thank and praise you, O God of our fathers: You have given us wisdom and power; you have made known to us the mystery of the kingdom through your word of truth.  Protect us from the wiles of the evil one, and deliver us through the temptation of this dark world.  Thank you for your mercy and grace.  Give us the strength to forgive others as you have forgiven us.  May the words of my mouth and the meditations of our heart be acceptable to you; you are our rock and redeemer.  Your word teaches us about the “Adulteress Woman”…Then out came a woman to meet him, dressed like a prostitute and with crafty intent.  (She is loud and defiant, her feet never stay at home; now in the street, now in the squares, at every corner she lurks.) Father your daughters will not resort to the ways of the Adulteress woman; we will not look to meet any man with crafty intent.  We will not display loud or defiant behavior; we will not walk the streets or lurk in corners seeking to do what is wicked in your sight. Your daughter of faith will not kiss or lure a man that is not our husband in our bed.  We will honor the marriage bed that is to remain undefiled.  We will not speak with persuasive words or lead a man astray; we will not seduce man with our smooth talk. Thank you for your word of truth that brings hope.  Thank you for your grace and mercy.  Thank you creating in us the desire to live upright and godly lives through the glory of Christ in us. In Jesus’ name we pray…Amen!
Mercy, peace and love be yours abundance,
Love in Christ,
Jennifer Pettiford

Things to Consider:
• The Adulteress: Loud and Defiant
• The Adulteress: speaks with persuasive words
• The Adulteress: uses smooth talk